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Plumbing and Underfloor Heating Repairs in Balham | Tips from our Plumbers and Heating Engineers

Your heating system should make your home warm and comfortable as efficiently as possible. This ensures you get maximum performance at the best price. There are various ways to get the most from your central heating, such as regular boiler servicing and installing modern appliances. As qualified domestic and commercial gas engineers and plumbers, we undertake a range of heating and plumbing services to maximise energy efficiency and performance for your home or commercial property in Balham. From underfloor heating repairs and boiler repairs to plumbing repairs and expert advice, Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd has everything you need.

With the advice and services of our plumbing company, you can ensure your property heats evenly and quickly while reducing the cost of household bills. The following are some of the main ways you can get the most from your heating system in Balham, Dulwich and the surrounding areas:

1. Boiler Replacements For Old or Inefficient Boilers

Older boilers, especially those over 15 years old, are much less efficient than newer models. Modern A-rated boilers are more than 90% efficient, providing a high level of performance with lower running costs.

Consequently, if you have an old or inefficient boiler in Balham, getting Gas Safe heating engineers to replace the appliance is a great first step to improving your heating system. You may also want to consider alternative heating options, such as underfloor heating.

2. Arrange Regular Boiler Servicing

Periodic boiler servicing is the best way to keep your boiler in good condition and working as it should. This ensures you continue to enjoy the best possible performance. In addition to checking the boiler, our domestic and commercial gas engineers and plumbers can inspect your entire system to make sure every area is working properly. We then carry out any necessary boiler repairs or maintenance.

As a heating and plumbing company, we help maintain all aspects of central heating and plumbing, providing services such as powerflushing, underfloor heating repairs and fixes for low water pressure. We also offer a range of plumbing repairs as part of our expert plumbing services.

3. Insulate Your Property

Proper insulation reduces heat loss from your property in Balham, which in turn makes the property more comfortable and cheaper to run. As well as high-quality insulation, you should make sure your windows and doors have tight seals and effective glazing. You may want to consider upgrading to double or triple glazing.

4. Carry Out Boiler Repairs Quickly

It is important to call our domestic and commercial gas engineers for boiler repairs as soon as you notice a problem. This prevents issues becoming more serious and gets your property in Balham back to normal as quickly as possible. Being diligent with repairs keeps your system in good condition for maximum efficiency and function.

In addition to boiler servicing and repairs, our company provides underfloor heating repairs and plumbing repairs for all areas of your system, which our qualified plumbers carry out. Our plumbing services include all general repairs, maintenance and installations.

5. Consider Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has grown in popularity over the years due to the benefits it provides. This style of heating is an ideal way to get the most from your property in Balham because it offers:

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