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Modern boilers are built to last a very long time. We are approved boiler installation experts for Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi and Potterton – which come with guarantees of up to 10-years as standard. But they last an even longer time when receiving an annual boiler service, and any minor boiler repair they might require in the distant future. However, many of our Battersea clients come to us needing a replacement for a very old boiler. That’s why in this article, we’ve look to provide an easy yet informative guide for choosing a new boiler.


If you’re more interested in a service like underfloor heating repair, or having a plumber in to install new pipework or handle a similar task – pick up the phone and give us a call. Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd serves as the Battersea area’s leading choice for all aspects of boiler, central heating and plumbing work – being Gas Safe-registered engineers with over 38 years of industry experience.


A Straight Forward Guide to Choosing a New Boiler Installation


Choose a Boiler Type


There are three main types of boiler installation that you’ll likely choose from: combi, system and regular. A combi boiler is suited to smaller properties, as it doesn’t need a separate hot water / cold water cylinder and heats water directly from the mains. This also makes it the cheapest boiler installation, and extremely popular. But it can struggle with heating multiple bathrooms/kitchens simultaneously, so Battersea clients with larger homes may want to go with a system boiler. These feature separate hot water tanks, but also have their heating elements within the boiler unit itself.


Then there’s regular boilers, which are typically gravity-led and feature separate tanks for both hot and cold water. We would only recommend these boilers for properties which already feature the requisite infrastructure, and only if they have multiple bathrooms that may be used consecutively. Regular boiler installation is obviously more expensive, but ideally suited to properties with three or more bathrooms. As your local plumber, we handle all three types of boiler installation, as well as boiler repair and boiler services for all configurations (and underfloor heating repair if you have a system that is performing sub optimally).


Choose a Make & Model


Once you’ve figured out which configuration will be best for you, which we’re happy to provide no obligation advice on, you’ll need to choose a specific make and model of boiler. There are a few factors you’ll need to consider here. For example, do you want to integrate solar panels with your new system? Not all boilers will have compatibility with renewable sources. You should also consider how efficient a particular system is, and the amount of pressure it delivers.


Another key factor is whether the boiler is condensing or not. Boiler installation for a condensing unit may involve re-positioning so that a condensate pump and pipe can be fitted. The latter will run outside to an external drain, and may need to be insulated to prevent it from freezing in the winter. Despite this slight hassle, the advantages of a condensing boiler include improved efficiency, which can save you money on your heating bill.


Get a Good Warranty


If you use an approved boiler installation company, like Battersea and London’s go-to plumber Ecoheat, then manufacturers will often grant you an extended warranty. As mentioned above, we’re approved installers for Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Baxi and Potterton – all of which are leading manufacturers with a full range of quality boilers. The warranties mean that, as long as you ensure you get a boiler service at the set times outlined in your manufacturer’s handbook, you’ll be covered for most boiler repairs. While modern boiler installations suffer far less irksome problems than their predecessors, it still gives you peace of mind – which is hard to put a price on!


Seek Professional Advice


But even if you know the type, make, model and warranty that you want to invest in – it pays to get a second opinion from Battersea’s experienced, qualified plumber and heating engineer. We’re always happy to be of assistance, and can ensure that you get the perfect boiler for your particular home. So why not give us a call for assistance? Whether it’s with the subject of this article – boiler installation – or a different subject like boiler repair, a boiler service or even underfloor heating repair, we’ll be able to help!

Don’t delay… Pick up the phone and call Battersea’s trusted plumber and heating engineer on 020 8673 9944. We handle everything from boiler installation to repairs.

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