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Fast, Affordable Boiler Repair in Balham, Battersea & London | Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd

Suffering a boiler or central heating-related malady? Don’t fret, Ecoheat Plumbing is here to help. Our Gas Safe registered plumbers and heating engineers, who have really seen it all over their 38 years in the industry, provide boiler repair services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to homeowners in and around Balham, Battersea, Clapham and Dulwich.


On this page, we’ve delved into some of the problems which homeowners most commonly experience. If you’re experiencing any of the below, then don’t waste any time in contacting one of our engineers on 020 8673 9944. Keep in mind that minor problems can quickly worsen and escalate in cost of repair, so it pays to be vigilant.

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Common Problems That Require Boiler Repair


No Heat or Hot Water


There are a range of reasons why you might not be receiving heat/hot water anymore. They include: broken airlocks and diaphragms, failed motorised valves, thermostat issues and low water levels. It’s likely it’ll require investigation and professional diagnostics from one of our qualified, Gas Safe engineers. Avoid having an amateur plumber make any attempt at fixing it themselves, as this is both illegal and could be incredibly dangerous.


 Leaks & Drips


First of all, one of our plumbers will locate the source of the leak. If it’s coming from the boiler itself, and not one of the pipes leading into it, chances are that a broken internal component is at fault. Typical culprits are pressure valves and pump seals. In the case of the former, it could be that you boiler pressure is excessive, and in the latter case – it could be that the seal has been worn out and should be replaced.


 Strange Noises & Kettling


We’re often called in to properties around Balham, Battersea, Clapham and Dulwich because strange noises have been emerging from a boiler/central heating system. Banging, whistling and gurgling sounds can signal different issues that require boiler repair. Common reasons for these sounds can be: air in the system, low pressure or a failing pump. Then there’s kettling, which gets its name as it sounds a lot like a kettle boiling. This is a build-up of sludge and limescale within your boiler’s heat exchanger, which restricts the flow of water. The boiler repair needed to deal with this is power flushing.


Inefficient Radiators


If the bottom of your radiator isn’t getting hot, then it might just be you need to bleed it. There are many guides online if you haven’t done this before, and it’s not something you typically need a plumber or gas engineer to handle (though we can if needs be). When some radiators are getting hot and others aren’t, this could be due to balancing. If neither of these procedures help, it may be a build-up of pollutants that is restricting the flow of water. As with kettling, we’d recommend power flushing to deal with this issue.


Loss of Pressure


This problem can slow down your system, eventually to a grinding halt. Check your boiler’s pressure gauge – if it’s fallen below 1, then this is a problem. It could be that there’s a water leak in your system, or that you have a faulty pressure relief valve that needs replacing. But keep in mind that if you recently bled your radiators, your pressure gauge may take a temporary dip. When attending to a scenario where pressure has fallen very low, we’ll diagnose the cause behind it, before conducting any required boiler repair and re-pressurising the system.


Frozen Condensate Pipe


If you own a condensing boiler, it will feature a pipe which leads outside your property (usually into a drain). Its job is to take acidic water away from the boiler. Due to the positioning of the condensate pipe, it’s at risk of freezing in cold weather. If a warning code on your boiler signals that this has occurred, find a 2cm-wide pipe leading outside of your property and check it. Online guides can show you how to thaw a condensate pipe, usually by pouring warm water over it. But if you’re uncomfortable doing this yourself, we can quickly carry it out as it’s a very rudimentary boiler repair.


Boiler Turning Itself Off


There’s a few things that could be causing this problem. Low water pressure, faulty thermostat, a closed valve or a pump that’s failing to properly circulate water. Most of these issues are relatively easy fixes, call us for a diagnose and repair.


To see what experience we can offer when using Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd for boiler services, navigate to our various boiler pages. Alongside our domestic boiler repair services, we provide a full range of commercial gas service to companies in and around Balham, Battersea, Clapham and Dulwich.

Suffering a boiler or central heating-related issue? Call Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd 020 8673 9944. Based in Balham, we’re London’s top choice for boiler repair.

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