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First Port of Call for a Boiler Service in Clapham, Balham or wider London | Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd

A boiler service is the essential maintenance task that we recommend our clients in and around Balham, Battersea, Clapham and Dulwich invest in annually. On this page, we’ve looked to run through all the different elements involved in a boiler service, before extolling the many benefits it can afford.


Call us directly on 020 8673 9944. We’ll be able to book in an appointment at your earliest convenience. Each and every Ecoheat boiler service is carried out by a City & Guilds qualified, Gas Safe-registered heating engineer. We also make a point of ensuring this service is extremely affordable when compared with local competitors.


What’s Involved in a Boiler Service?


Whatever make or type of boiler we’re attending to in Balham, Battersea, Clapham, Dulwich or a nearby locale in South or Central London, we’ll follow the procedure below:


  1. Firstly, we inspect your boiler and its controls, ensuring everything is working optimally
  2. Then we check external elements of your boiler for issues like corrosion and leaks
  3. Next up, we take off the casing to inspect the vital internal components
  4. At this point, we take a reading of the gas pressure
  5. Then we check the flue, ensuring that any potentially dangerous fumes aren’t being emitted
  6. If needed, we’ll clean dirty parts
  7. Then we replace the casing and check the integrity of all seals
  8. We’ll leave you with an itemised list that has all the info regarding your boiler service
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Why Do I Need a Boiler Service Annually?




A malfunctioning boiler can endanger your health and the health of all fellow occupants. From a carbon monoxide leak to a fire, or in the most extreme of circumstances a full-fledged explosion, there are numerous hazards you should safeguard yourself against. A boiler service helps ensure that worrying problems aren’t emerging, and if one of our Gas Safe engineers does encounter an issue, we can fix it before it worsens and poses a big risk.


Energy Efficiency


Did you know that a boiler service can improve energy efficiency by as much as 15%? Not only does this make it easier to heat your home, our clients around our principal service areas of Balham, Battersea, Clapham and Dulwich know it can significantly reduce your energy bills.




New boiler installations don’t come cheap, and they’re meant to last a long time (ours come with up to 10 year guarantees). But constant use takes its toll on any appliance, especially one with such a vitally important job like a boiler/central heating system. A boiler service each year can dramatically extend its lifespan, saving you a good sum of money over an extended period of time.


Insurance Coverage


Many insurance policies dictate that you must invest in an annual boiler service for your coverage to stay intact. If you were to neglect this vital maintenance procedure and an accident involving your gas or central heating system were to occur, you’d be left having to cover any associated damage or repair.


If you live in or around the Balham, Battersea, Clapham and Dulwich areas call us today on 020 8673 9944 so we can schedule an appointment. It’s quick, affordable and offers all the above mentioned benefits!


Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd also provides a full range of commercial services that are detailed on a dedicated page elsewhere on this website.

Looking to book a boiler service in or around Balham, Battersea, Clapham and Dulwich? Call your local Gas Safe plumber today on 020 8673 9944.

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