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Boiler Servicing in Clapham | Keeping Central and Underfloor Heating Efficient

Some homeowners and businesses in the Clapham area call Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd asking us to make their properties more energy efficient. Our plumbers and heating engineers help them to achieve this in a number of ways. Sticking to an annual schedule for boiler servicing is one of the simplest ways to conserve energy. Booking in for domestic and commercial boiler repairs at the first sign of trouble is another.

Adapting your home or business by switching from central to underfloor heating is also a great idea. We have the services available to make your Clapham home or business run more efficiently, reducing the need for repair work and, over the long term, saving you money on utilities too.

Our plumbers, and our heating engineers, have City & Guilds certification, and registration with Gas Safe. This means we are suitably qualified to perform boiler servicing and repairs legally, and in a manner that is safe for you, your family, your personnel and anybody else using your property.

Updating Systems

If you have an older, inefficient boiler, or a heating system that isn’t suitable for your current appliance or your room space, a new boiler or an underfloor heating installation will make your Clapham property warmer and, eventually, could start to pay for itself in energy savings. Energy Saving Trust research shows you exactly how much you could save by using Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd for a new boiler installation.

If your current boiler has a rating of G, you could save £300 annually. Boilers with an F rating save you £200 a year, an E rating £159 a year and, for those with D ratings, £105. Underfloor heating systems save 25% on annual energy costs.

Regular Boiler Servicing

Annual boiler servicing from a registered Gas Safe heating engineer can increase energy efficiency around your Clapham home or business by as much as 15%. Just as importantly, a service checks the condition of the boiler’s parts and components. This means we can identify potential issues early and save you money on the potential cost of domestic or commercial boiler repairs. Always use a registered engineer for boiler servicing and not just traditional plumbers.

These are two different roles.

When you consider how effective boiler servicing is, booking in for scheduled maintenance is an obvious choice. A service reduces the likelihood of breakdowns, preserves your warranty and keeps your Clapham property running efficiently. Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd can also service dry and wet underfloor heating.

Fix Minor Issues Quickly

Following on from boiler servicing, we recommend that homeowners and businesses in Clapham respond quickly to minor issues by booking in for domestic or commercial boiler repairs as soon as they notice a problem. A few small noises might not seem a big deal, but they could point to something much more serious or have a negative impact on energy efficiency.

If you can hear unusual noises or experience noticeably poor performance, you know what to do. Call our plumbers and heating engineers on 020 8673 9944.

Domestic and commercial boiler repairs are key services for Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd and, because of our experience in dry and wet systems, we can repair underfloor heating in Clapham too.

Call Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd on 020 8673 9944 for domestic and commercial boiler repairs, and boiler servicing, in the Clapham area.

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