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Winter is fast approaching and we’d recommend that Dulwich homeowners ensure their boiler is in good shape, to ensure they stay nice and toasty and avoid those cold mornings which make waking up such a dreaded chore. Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd, which provides the Dulwich area with a full range of heating services including everything from a boiler service or boiler installation, to boiler repair and underfloor heating repair – has looked to provide tips to ensure your system is fit for purpose this winter.


Winter Plumbing & Heating Tips


Insulate Pipes


One possibility in the winter months is your pipes freezing. This can be incredibly inconvenient, and mean you need to call in a plumber / central heating engineer to get everything back running again. But did you know you can insulate your pipes to safeguard against this eventuality? Pipe insulation is available cheaply at all good hardware stores. While it’s relatively niche in what it does, compared with other things Dulwich property owners can do like getting a boiler service or fixing long standing issues via boiler repair or underfloor heating repair, it can also make your central heating more efficient (saving you cash over time).


Clear Your Gutters


As autumn comes to a close, you might find that lots of leaves, twigs and other such foliage have found their way into your gutters. This might seem relatively harmless, but trust us – a plumber is always attending to situations where these things have caused a nasty blockage and brought a drainage system to a grinding halt!


Get a Boiler Service


A boiler service does a lot of good. It ensures your system is operating safely and efficiently, and reduces the chances you’ll require boiler repair, which can sometimes prove expensive. We recommend all Dulwich property owners invest in an annual boiler service, or at the interval recommended in your manufacturer’s handbook. It’s a great opportunity to nip emerging problems in the bud, preventing boiler breakdown and keeping your insurance/warranty intact.


Going Away? Set a Heating Timer


…why would I need the heating on if I’m away?! you might ask. Well, pipes might freeze if you are away for a while and your heating is off the whole time, even if you’ve invested in insulation. Set a timer so the heat comes on for one or two hours, at a couple of set points throughout the day. This will stop pipes freezing, which can lead to infrastructural issues should they expand and crack.


Fix Any Niggling Issues


Two services we’re constantly providing our loyal customers in Dulwich are boiler repair and underfloor heating repair. Some problems might seem rather minor and don’t seem urgent enough to sort out immediately. But we’d argue that the longer you wait to call in a plumber and heating engineer, the bigger the chances that the problem escalates and goes from being a minor boiler repair or underfloor heating repair, to a major boiler repair or underfloor heating repair.


Don’t Pour Oil Down Your Sink


On the strictly plumbing side of things, we’d urge you to avoid pouring grease and oil down your sink. It causes a surprising amount of easily preventable blockages, which are at best a nuisance, and at worse lead to significant infrastructural issues that cost a bundle to put right. Instead, wait for the oil to dry then wipe it up and put it in the bin.


As long as Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd is in business, you won’t be suffering heating related issues for long! So if the proactive side of things doesn’t quite work, and you find yourself with a broken down boiler or heating system – pick up the phone and call us! We provide 24/7 coverage of Dulwich, and carry out everything from boiler repair and underfloor heating repair, to new boiler installation or a boiler service.

You can reach an Ecoheat plumber and heating engineer on 020 8673 9944. Call us today to learn more about our boiler repair and maintenance services.

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