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Domestic and Commercial Boiler Repairs in Fulham | Your Questions Answered

At Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd, we receive questions about boiler faults daily, and their impact on central or wet underfloor heating systems. We are a qualified and accredited company of plumbers and gas engineers. Ecoheat is always happy to provide you with advice on boiler servicing and installation, and on domestic and commercial boiler repairs. Located in Balham, we have many customers in Fulham and South West London.

We want our website to be an online resource for customers who have queries. This page answers some of the most common questions we receive. If you don’t see an answer to your own query here, call our plumbers and registered Gas Safe heating engineers on 020 8673 9944 for help over the telephone.

We’re always here to help our Fulham customers with advice on domestic and commercial boiler servicing, boiler repairs and work on dry or wet underfloor heating installations.

What should my boiler pressure gauge read?

Typically, a boiler pressure reading should be somewhere between 1 and 2 bar. If it falls below 1 bar, you will notice a significant drop-off in performance. The system will need to be re-pressurised which, as far as domestic and commercial boiler repairs go, is a minor job but still one best left to professional plumbers and heating engineers.

If the gauge reads over 3 bar, you can reduce the pressure by bleeding a radiator. It is also possible to bleed wet underfloor heating systems.

Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd checks pressures when we visit properties in Fulham to perform annual boiler servicing. If we notice any pressure issues during the service, we can diagnose them and recommend any repairs your appliance might need.

How do I thaw a frozen condensate pipe?

Switch off the electrical supply to your boiler at the plug point. Find the pipe, which is usually light in colour and runs from your boiler to the outside of your Fulham property. Warm the pipe with warm water by pouring from any vessel (but not boiling water as it could cause damage) or use a hot water bottle or a heat pack instead.

Turn the power back on and repeat the process if needed. Remember that a frozen condensate pipe will impact a wet underfloor heating system if it impacts the boiler.

If this method doesn’t work, we advise Fulham property owners to call our plumbers and heating engineers.  We can perform domestic or commercial boiler repairs to protect the condensate pipe from freezing in the future.

What can I do to keep my boiler in good condition?

The best form of maintenance for your appliance is annual boiler servicing. A service checks the condition of your boiler, the boiler’s performance, and the impact of wear on individual parts and components. A service also improves energy efficiency to make central heating, and underfloor heating systems, cheaper to run. Boiler servicing even helps us to identify any minor issues at your Fulham property before they worsen and lead to an expensive breakdown.

If your appliance does break down, you will need to use registered Gas Safe plumbers and heating engineers for either domestic repairs, or commercial boiler repairs.

Another effective and important service is powerflushing. This cleans central heating and underfloor heating systems of the deposits, sludge and limescale which lead to blockages and performance issues, like kettling. If you can hear your central or underfloor heating making strange noises, it could indicate that you need to powerflush the system.

Again, this is a service our plumbers and heating engineers provide for all customers in Fulham and South West London.

When is the right point to consider a boiler installation?

The best time to invest into a new boiler is when it is no longer economical to keep paying for boiler servicing, if the appliance needs continuous repair work, or when we can’t perform domestic or commercial boiler repairs because we can no longer source the parts for an older model. A modern boiler could make your Fulham property more energy efficient, save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

If you want to upgrade from central heating to underfloor heating, the best time to do this is when having a new boiler fitted. This way, our plumbers and heating engineers can recommend boilers and systems which work best for your home or business and run well in tandem with each other.

Call Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd on 020 8673 9944 for domestic and commercial boiler repairs, and boiler servicing, in the Fulham area.

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