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Domestic and Commercial Boiler Repairs in Kensington | Choosing a New Boiler

Are you from the Kensington area, and do you need to buy a new boiler? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The plumbers and heating engineers at Ecoheat have been installing boilers across the South and West London areas for a combined 30 years. We also specialise in domestic and commercial boiler repairs, in scheduled boiler servicing, and in all aspects of central heating, underfloor heating and renewables.

If you would like to speak with our qualified plumbers and registered Gas Safe heating engineers about services in the Kensington area, please call us on 020 8673 9944.

So when might you want to think about a new boiler?

If you have booked in for annual boiler servicing and the heating engineer has found an issue, but can’t source the parts needed to fix it, you’ll need a new boiler. If you continually spend money with plumbers on domestic or commercial boiler repairs but there’s always another problem to deal with a few weeks later, you’ll need a new boiler.

And, if you want to upgrade your central heating, or install the latest wet underfloor heating system inside a Kensington property, you’ll ideally need a new boiler for these too!

Here, we look at some of the main things to consider when buying a new boiler.


We perform boiler installations inside new builds, and for existing properties in Kensington. Commercially, our plumbers and heating engineers cover offices, retail outlets and everything in between. If you don’t have a location in mind for a new boiler, give it some immediate thought. You ideally want an installation in an area that’s easily accessible for boiler servicing in the future.

And, if you run a business, you’ll want it positioned where commercial boiler repairs won’t impact staff or customers.

Never have a boiler installed where it could cause an obstruction or be unsightly.

It is important to take precise measurements of a boiler to make sure it will fit in the intended location, and will be accessible for any other installations you have in mind for your Kensington home or business, such as underfloor heating.

Intended Usage

How many rooms do you need to heat, and how much of your potential usage would happen simultaneously? Your choice of boiler will depend heavily on usage and how big your family is, or how many customers and staff use, or work at, your business.  The higher the demand for heating and hot water, the more power you’ll need from a boiler (measured in Kw).

Boiler output can run from 70kW to 1,850kW or more, so our plumbers and heating engineers can usually find something for a Kensington property, domestic or commercial, in any size.

Dead Space and Efficiency

Some rooms might not require any heat, like a basement or an ambient stock room. These areas won’t need any hardware, and this can save you money when having a boiler fitted. You also spend less on the cost of wiring, and on elements of a central or underfloor heating system, such as radiators or pipework. For commercial customers in Kensington, in particular, having an installation designed around dead space is a definite value-added benefit.

Boiler manufacturers spend significant amounts of money on research and development to create more efficient boilers. The more efficient the boiler, the more a property owner saves on utility bills and reduces their carbon footprint. Our plumbers and heating engineers recommend boilers which work to optimal levels for the available room space.

Some manufacturers use innovative patented technologies to boost energy efficiency so always be on the lookout for them.

Cost and Value

In much the same way as you make a choice over who you use for domestic boiler servicing or for commercial boiler repairs, so it is that you have a choice to make about the price point for a new boiler. Boilers serve an important purpose and choosing something on price will inevitably lead to performance problems. While it’s great to look for a competitive price on the right boiler, the boiler itself has to be the right one for your Kensington or West London property.

Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd never bases its recommendations on price. We will always suggest a branded boiler, usually one which we have manufacturer approval to fit, so that you get the right appliance and a more professional standard of installation.

The same is true of thermostats and controllers, and of parts and components for central or underfloor heating systems.

Product Warranty

All new boilers come with a warranty but if you use approved plumbers and heating engineers to perform an installation on their recognised brands, you benefit from a longer warranty. Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd has approved status with manufacturers such as Baxi, Vaillant and Vokera. This means, based on the model you buy, a warranty could last for as many as 10 years.

This is the peace of mind any home or business owner in Kensington should expect from a quality product.

There are two significant benefits to consider with an extended warranty. In the event of any issues found during boiler servicing and maintenance, the warranty has any subsequent work covered. It also means that you can have the required domestic or commercial boiler repairs undertaken by us, or by other approved plumbers and heating engineers.

Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd can also offer attractive warranties on central heating and underfloor heating installations.

To discuss boiler servicing or underfloor heating installations with time-served heating engineers, call 020 8673 9944. We cover all parts of Kensington.

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