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Plumbers in Balham | An Introductory Guide to the Basics of Plumbing

Do you have doubts or concerns about the plumbing system at your Balham property? Has the waterflow from your taps changed, or are you hearing unusual noises? Of course, in the event of a problem, no matter how large or small, nothing beats the expertise and workmanship of our time-served plumbers. However, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of your home or workplace’s plumbing. This not only helps you to identify issues earlier, but it also gives you additional peace of mind in the event of a minor issue. From underfloor heating repairs and system upgrades to plumbing repairs and drainage clearances, the Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd team manages all works to keep your plumbing in top condition.

In this blog, we provide an introductory guide that introduces you to the basics of a typical plumbing system. Please note, systems vary from property to property. You should not use the information below as the basis for your own repair work as you are far more likely to cause more damage than to fix the original problem.

What is Plumbing? Why is It So Important?

We can define plumbing as follows: the fixtures, materials and practices used in installing, maintaining and altering:

As plumbers, we hold the necessary skill and expertise to keep your Balham property’s system in good working order, be it through correct installation, maintenance work or repairs.

The plumbing industry is a crucial, substantial part of any developed economy. This is due to the need for safe, effective sanitary collection and transport of waste, as well as a constant clean water supply.

It’s clear to see, then, why the plumbing is an integral system in your home or workplace. Put simply, it’s one of the cornerstones that keeps you, your family or your staff safe, warm and comfortable. This is why it’s so important to prioritise the maintenance and servicing of the features that make up the wider system.

Regular plumbing maintenance not only keeps your Balham property’s system efficient and reliable, but it also minimises the likelihood of large-scale, disruptive, expensive repair work in the future. Of course, this comes with the added reassurance of knowing your home or work environment is hygienic and healthy.

Systems regularly maintained by our plumbers are also more water-efficient. This helps to keep utility bills as low as possible while also benefitting the environment.

What are the Different Types of Plumbing System?

There are myriad pipes coursing through every residential property. This pipework carries fresh water in and transfers dirty water out. Others perform equally vital tasks, such as transporting gas to the oven.

The three types of domestic plumbing systems include:

Water Supply

The interior water supply delivers clean water to your sinks, toilets, dishwasher, baths, showers, washing machines and underfloor heating. This water usually comes from a municipal or public supply, but can also originate from a private water well on your property.

This system also removes sewage from homes and workplaces in Balham and the neighbouring areas. Drain waste vents help to remove greywater by circulating the air pressure inside the pipes. This process ensures the continued flow of dirty water from sinks, showers and toilets.

Sloping pipework fitted with traps prevents solids from flowing into areas where it might cause a blockage. These traps also stop sewage gasses from entering your plumbing system and then passing into your home.

Gas Plumbing

Gas plumbing carries this all-important fuel to the oven, stove, boiler or BBQ grill, allowing you to cook hot meals, use warm water and create a toasty, comfortable environment. Our plumbers connect these pipes to one another using screw-like threads with a seal. This creates a safety barrier that stops gas from leaking out.

Exterior Plumbing

If your Balham premises has a swimming pool, hot tub or sprinkler system, the exterior plumbing pipes deliver the necessary water. This system also covers external drainage systems like gutters, septic tanks and drainage pipes. These aspects ensure that water doesn’t pool and cause structural damage to your property’s foundations.

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