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Plumbers in Battersea | How to Keep Your Home Warm Despite Rising Energy Costs

Are you forever trying to strike the right balance between a warm, cosy home and a manageable heating bill? Unfortunately, energy costs only ever seem to rise, so it’s more important than ever to find ways to lessen the impact on your expenses, but without any compromise in comfort. Before the temperatures start to drop and you’re tempted to turn on the central heating, read through our tips for a more efficient approach to warming your house in Battersea.

At Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd, we operate as plumbers and heating engineers. Our team shares decades of industry experience and excels in all manner of plumbing and heating installation, maintenance and repair work, including boiler repairs.

We have used this blog to look at how you can keep your property warm while minimising the impact on your bills.

Tips for Cost-Effective Winter Warmth

Wrap Up Warm

Simple touches can go a long way. While it may not seem like much, wearing a winter jumper inside will help you to stay warm without having to turn the heating on. This is especially effective in those months where there’s only a slight chill in the air.

For optimal warmth, the British Heart Foundation recommends clothing made from wool, cotton or any other fleecy material.

Upgrade Your Windows

The heat generated by your boiler escapes through your property’s ‘thermal envelope’. In short, this is comprised of the roof, walls, floor, doors and windows. The more efficient your home’s thermal envelope, the more heat it retains.

One of the most effective ways to improve your thermal envelope is by upgrading from single-glazed windows to double glazing. As an added benefit, this investment will also increase the market value of your Battersea home too.

Install TRVs

As your plumbers and heating engineers, we can fit your radiators with TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves. These additions allow you to control the temperature within different rooms.

For example, if you have a spare room that you rarely use, you can turn the valve down to the lowest setting, or even off completely. When you don’t heat rooms you aren’t using, you reduce your overall energy use. Of course, in turn, this lowers your overall expenditure.

Have Your Boiler Serviced

When was the last time you had your boiler serviced? Industry guidelines recommend having your appliance checked by professionals on an annual basis. A regularly serviced boiler not only runs more efficiently, but it’s also less likely to breakdown when you need it most, i.e. throughout the winter.

In our role as plumbers and heating engineers, we service domestic and commercial boilers of any type in Battersea and the neighbouring areas. For your peace of mind, Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd is on the Gas Safe Register. We also manage:

Recognise the Early Signs of Boiler Issues

While we always promote proactive solutions, it’s impossible to eliminate the chances of an emergency. To lessen disruption and costs, it pays to remain vigilant to the first signs of a problem boiler. Some of the most common include:

If you experience any of the above at your Battersea home, please contact us immediately. We will dispatch one of our plumbers and heating engineers to assess the situation as soon as possible.

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