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Plumbers in Clapham | All You Need to Know About the Gas Safe Register

Do you need boiler repairs or servicing? Or is it finally time to replace a long-serving appliance? Whatever the nature of your boiler-related needs, it won’t take long for you to encounter the term ‘Gas Safe’ – or to give its full name, ‘the Gas Safe Register’. Understandably, you may not have too much familiarity with this term or how it applies to the plumbers and heating engineers arriving at your Clapham property.

At Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd, we pride ourselves on making your heating and plumbing services simple and easy-to-understand. The more confidence you have from the outset, the more peace of mind you have for the duration of your service.

In this blog, we take a closer look at the Gas Safe Register and why you must keep it in mind for all work related to your gas appliances.

An Introductory Guide to the Gas Safe Register

What is the Gas Safe Register?

The Gas Safe Register is the official list of every business legally permitted to perform gas work. All businesses on the register employ one or more heating engineers or plumbers with a Gas Safe-issued ID card. You can rest assured, Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd is a Gas Safe registered company.

You must recognise that not all engineers operating in and around Clapham hold the necessary qualifications to carry out all types of gas work. It’s essential, then, that you check the ID card of the professional arriving at your property. It will clarify what works the individual can legally undertake.

If you are more familiar with CORGI, this is what Gas Safe replaced. In 2009, the heating and plumbing industry benefitted from a significant regulatory change specifically designed to offer more protection from unsafe gas works.

In that year, the Gas Safe Register superseded CORGI as the UK’s gas registration and regulatory body.

Why Choose Registered Plumbers and Heating Engineers?

Registration with Gas Safe is the only way an individual or business can demonstrate that they comply with the latest guidelines and regulations for safe gas works. More importantly, you have a legal obligation to hire a Gas Safe registered professional to undertake any work on your boiler, including:

Gas Safe updates its records regularly to strike off any businesses who violate guidelines or fail to provide evidence of their accreditation. As such, it’s an accurate, up-to-date resource of trusted, reputable professionals.

If you hire an unregistered engineer to work at your Chelsea home, you are taking a huge risk, breaking the law and endangering your safety, as well as that of your neighbours.

Hiring a registered company like ours also complies with your boiler’s warranty terms. Manufacturers typically state that a Gas Safe registered professional must install a brand-new appliance and then perform the annual servicing.

If you hire an engineer without accreditation, you will almost certainly void the terms of your warranty. This decision could cost you hundreds of pounds in the future.

In addition, a new boiler will set you back thousands of pounds. This is a sizeable sum for any homeowner in the Clapham area. Working with plumbers and heating engineers on the Gas Safe Register offers the best protection for your investment, primarily through a flawless installation, reliable servicing and effective repairs.

Without all this, you undermine your investment from the start. This only increases the risk of future losses, premature deterioration and compromised safety.

For a cost-effective, reliable and accredited service from the outset, look no further than Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd. Our company excels in all domestic and commercial services.

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