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Plumbers in Dulwich | The 4 Most Common Issues with Plumbing Systems

Are you looking to schedule a visit from one of our plumbers for routine work? Or do you have a plumbing emergency that requires a speedy solution? The pipework that makes up your plumbing system is largely unseen, so it’s easy to fall behind in maintenance work. For the same reason, it’s often tough to spot the early signs of a developing problem. As a result, plumbing systems across Dulwich and the surrounding areas typically fall foul of the same kind of issues.

In this blog, we highlight the 4 most common problems the team at Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd encounters. Our other blogs include “What is a Condensing Boiler?” and “Plumbing Upgrades That Add Value”, among others.

With greater awareness of these issues, you’re more likely to recognise them before they cause the most damage and disruption. The faster our plumbers assess your system, the more money you can save on repairs. Your system will also suffer less downtime too.

A Closer Look at Common Plumbing Issues

Leaking Taps

While one of the most common plumbing issues we resolve in and around Dulwich, leaking taps are, fortunately, nothing major to worry about. If anything, they’re only a brief annoyance.

In many cases, we fix them with something as simple as a tap tightening or washer change. However, if you have a more severe problem, we may recommend replacing your old taps with a new installation.

Leaking taps don’t pose any risk to you or your family, but you should consider the water they waste. If you have a water meter, you will ultimately pay for that wastage through a higher bill.

Blocked Toilet

As something all homeowners have experienced at some point, you don’t need us to confirm that a blocked toilet is a highly unpleasant experience. While it’s unlikely you won’t take immediate action to clear the blockage, it’s important that you do so. If left unresolved, it can lead to other large problems.

Basic plunging often clears the toilet, but this isn’t always an effective solution. If your system remains blocked after using a plunger, we advise against dismantling in any form. Our plumbers have familiarity with toilet structures as well as the appropriate tools.

This enables us to unblock your toilet without risking further damage to your toilet, bathroom or wider property.

A Faulty Radiator

It’s fairly common for a single radiator in a home to simply stop working. If this happens at your Dulwich home, we advise calling our plumbers without delay. In most instances, the cause lays in pipes clogged with sludge and debris. Fortunately, powerflushing your system should get everything up and running again.

Of course, there is always the possibility that your radiator(s) simply no longer works. Naturally, this likelihood increases with the age of the installation.

Broken Toilet Flusher

As our clients confirm to our plumbers onsite, this is one of the most frustrating issues you can encounter. This is primarily because there’s little-to-no warning sign that anything is wrong beforehand – the flush simply breaks when you attempt to use it.

In short, a flusher becomes faulty when it no longer allows water to empty from the cistern into the toilet. Again, this isn’t a critical issue that requires urgent attention. For example, you can still flush the toilet by pouring a bucketload of water into it. For optimal convenience and hygiene, however, you should contact us as soon as possible.

Solutions we recommend in Dulwich and the neighbouring areas vary in size. Easier jobs involve fitting a new flusher, while more complex repairs extend to the removal of surrounding components.

At Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd, we undertake a wide range of services to meet all your needs, including:

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