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Plumbers in Wandsworth | The Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting

Using rainwater for everyday plumbing tasks can significantly reduce your annual consumption of water, benefiting your pocket and the environment. Rainwater harvesting systems are a renewable solution for homes and businesses in Wandsworth and the surrounding areas, allowing property owners to collect and use natural rainwater rather than mains water. Our plumbers are experts in these systems, ensuring you enjoy all the advantages they have to offer.

Ecoheat Plumbing can install and maintain rainwater harvesting systems, as well as other renewable energies. For rainwater harvesting systems, we bury a large capacity tank which collects water through a filtration system. You can use this water throughout your home, garden or business.

Below, we look at the main benefits of rainwater harvesting. For more information about other aspects of our work, please read our blogs, which include advice on keeping your home warm amid rising costs, common plumbing issues and much more.:

Save Money With Rainwater Harvesting

You can use the water collected through a rainwater harvesting systems for all daily tasks which require water. This includes flushing the toilet, washing clothes and watering plants. Because rainwater is free, this will save you a considerable amount of money when compared to how much you would pay to use mains water for the same tasks.

Our plumbers find these systems can be especially beneficial for larger buildings and where properties in Wandsworth have a high demand for water.

Environmentally Friendly Renewable Energy

With a rainwater harvesting system, you will greatly reduce the amount of mains water you consume. This means less water will need to be artificially drawn from the environment. Furthermore, these systems treat water through filtration, without the need for chemicals.

Opting for this renewable resource also has a positive effect on your carbon footprint because the energy used to treat and pump mains water results in greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing Flood Risks From Drainage and Storm Water

Rainwater harvesting systems can lessen the load placed on drainage systems and help reduce the risk and effects of flooding. With professional installation from the plumbers at Ecoheat Plumbing, your system will efficiently channel run-off water into tanks for recycling.

This is particularly important in urban areas, like Wandsworth. Collecting and holding water on site will drastically reduce the volume of water which enters the main drainage system, reducing flood risk.

BREEAM Compliant

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method which many commercial building projects must adhere to. Depending on the grade that needs to be achieved, using rainwater can count towards credit needed to reach that grade, and our plumbers can help you maximise rainwater use.

Good For Gardens and Plants

Rainwater harvesting systems are good news for gardeners because they are exempt from hosepipe bans, if you do not have a mains water backup. This means you can keep caring for your garden throughout the summer, even if there is a ban on using mains hoses.

Furthermore, rainwater is more suitable for plants because it is free from hard water elements and is the correct pH for most plants. Consequently, having a store of rainwater allows you to provide optimal care for your garden and potted plants in Wandsworth.

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