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Plumbers in Westminster | Choosing the Right Shower for Your Home

At Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd, our services include designing and installing new bathrooms for homeowners in Westminster and the surrounding areas. This involves supplying and fitting showers. To get the most from your new shower, you need to choose the right style for your home and preferences, which is something our time-served plumbers can help with. Taking into account a range of factors, we can advise on the best options for you, ensuring optimal performance and enjoyment.

With so many shower options on the market, there is something to suit every requirement and taste. However, this can also make it harder to decide on the product for your bathroom. If you are in any doubt, we recommend speaking to a professional plumber who can talk through your options, what to look for and what to avoid.

In addition to showers, we provide advice on rainwater harvesting, plumbing repairs, plumbing systems and heating systems.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a shower for your bathroom installation, three of the main things to think about are shower size, water pressure and heating systems. Your shower needs to fit in the available space, so precise measurements are a must. Decide whether you want a separate shower or a shower over bath and ensure the style you want is feasible for your Westminster space.

Water pressure varies a lot and can greatly affect the performance of your shower. Ask our plumbers about the water pressure at your property to make sure your new shower works as effectively as possible. If you have lower pressure, an electric shower might be best.

You also need to consider the heating system in your home. This could be a high-pressure water system such as a combination boiler, a low-pressure system such as a gravity-fed system with a cold-water tank in the loft, or a cold mains water supply. An electric or power shower is often best for the latter two options.

Shower Types

The following are different types of showers our plumbers install for customers in the Westminster area:

Manual Mixer Showers

Mixer systems channel hot and cold-water supplies into a single feed, blending the water to create your perfect temperature. These are ideal for homes with high water pressure.

Electric Showers

Electric showers use a heating element to heat the water used while showering. This makes them an economical option. They are compatible with all water pressure systems because they only need a cold-water supply.

Power Showers

Electric power showers have a built-in pump and feed on a stored hot water system. This option is effective in properties with gravity-fed systems and a regular or heat-only boiler.

Thermostatic Mixer Showers

This style allows you to set the temperature you want the water to be and maintains a constant temperature while you shower, even if someone turns on a tap.

Digital Showers

These enable you to control your shower from a smartphone or remote. They come with features such as clock displays, shower timers and eco settings.

Our plumbers also suggest you consider the type of shower head, such as a fixed or combination shower head, or a riser kit. Customers in Westminster can also choose between exposed or hidden valves.

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