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Plumbers in Wimbledon | Plumbing Upgrades That Add Value

When looking to increase property value, people often turn to building work such as extensions and loft conversions. However, plumbing upgrades are an excellent way to add to the value of your home in Wimbledon or the surrounding areas. The plumbing system is a vital feature of any house and buyers will look for modern features that will last. Improving plumbing with the help of our experienced plumbers also ensures you get maximum performance, enjoyment and comfort from your home while you live in it.

The following are some popular plumbing services and upgrades we recommend for homeowners looking to add value to their homes. As Gas Safe engineers, we can also advise on, and provide, heating upgrades. The popular works we recommend include:

Modernise Pipes

Old-style pipes present numerous problems. Even if you haven’t had an issue, you inevitably will. Pipes also have a lifespan so, regardless of material, all pipes need replacing eventually. Consequently, if you still have galvanised, polybutylene of lead pipes, or old pipes at the end of their lifespan, it’s time for an upgrade. Contact us if you need help determining the type and age of pipes.

New, modern pipework, such as copper for clean water supplies and PVC for waste outlets, will ensure optimal performance from your plumbing system and prevent issues such as cracks or bursts. There are also health benefits when replacing lead pipes in Wimbledon.

Bathroom Renovations

A new bathroom can do wonders for property value. Updating baths, showers, toilets and sinks will make your home more appealing to potential buyers, especially if you currently have a dated suite. A new bathroom also has the benefit of maximising space and enhancing function.

Another option is to create an additional bathroom. If you are building an extension or conversion in Wimbledon, the plumbers at Ecoheat Plumbing can help design and install a new bathroom.

Boiler Upgrades

Boilers need replacing around every 10-15 years. If your boiler is coming towards the end of its lifespan, upgrading it can boost property value because house hunters know they won’t need to pay for a replacement any time soon.

A new boiler also improves energy efficiency and overall function of the heating system. With a demand for more energy efficient homes on the rise, this is a fantastic way to improve the saleability of your house.

Boiler Repairs and Plumbing Maintenance

Although not an upgrade, keeping your plumbing system in good condition will help you get the maximum return on your investment when it comes time to sell. Our plumbers offer a range of services to help maintain your plumbing, including plumbing repairs, power flushing and boiler servicing.

With the help of Ecoheat Plumbing in Wimbledon, you can rest easy knowing your system is in the most capable hands.

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