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Heating Engineer in Putney | Deciding if You Need a Heating or Plumbing Company

Do you need to book in for boiler servicing or boiler repairs? Do you have a dripping tap or leaking pipework? Do you want to upgrade from central heating to underfloor heating? If you need help related to any of these services for your Putney property, would you call a plumbing company, or would you be better off in the hands of heating engineers rather than plumbers?

This page provides all of the answers you need.

There is some obvious overlap with plumbing and heating engineering, but the two fields are actually quite different. Anything to do with water is a job for plumbers. Anything to do with gas and heating is a job for a heating engineer. You will find that most heating engineers are plumbers too.

But if you need to book in for boiler servicing or repairs in Putney, unqualified plumbers can’t do the job of a heating engineer. If you need work on a central or underfloor heating system, you want a heating engineer for this too because the job requires some adaptation to the boiler.

To work on boilers, tradesmen must have Gas Safe registration. Plumbers can work on water-based systems without Gas Safe registration if they don’t remove the cover of a boiler.

As soon as we move into boilers, we need a heating engineer.

Services a plumbing company provides in Putney might include:

  • • Blocked toilet and sink clearances

  • • Leaking taps and burst pipework

  • • Domestic appliance installations

  • • Pipework for kitchen installations

  • • Pipework for bathroom installations

Heating services in Putney might include:

  • • Annual boiler servicing

  • • Boiler repairs

  • • Central heating upgrades

  • • Underfloor heating installation

Finding Plumbers and Heating Engineers

Home and business owners in Putney need to make informed decisions over which tradesperson to choose. Where things tend to get a little cloudy is that people often refer to tradesmen as Gas Safe plumbers when, in fact, they are actually heating engineers but with plumbing skills. It is important to always choose a skilled, qualified and competent person for specialist work, and for you to check their credentials.

Never use plumbers for boiler installations, boiler servicing or boiler repairs. Poor workmanship, or just a lack of understanding, can lead to deadly gas or carbon monoxide leaks. Avoid plumbers for wet underfloor heating installations too. These systems connect to a boiler, so you have to use an accredited heating engineer.

But, if you have a pipework leak at your Putney home or business and you’re in a bit of a panic, don’t worry. A plumbing company offering emergency work can deal with this sort of problem easily.

To find a registered Gas Safe heating engineer for boiler servicing, maintenance and repair, you can visit the Gas Safe register to look for tradesmen in your local area. When a heating engineer turns up at your property, make sure you look at their ID card on arrival.

Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd, from Balham, fulfils the dual roles of plumbers and heating engineers. We have an established reputation in Putney, and across South West London, for the quality of our boiler servicing and boiler repairs, domestic or commercial. We also have vast experience in central heating, in underfloor heating and in renewable energies.

But we are also here to deal with those minor problems too because, like you, we believe in the value of a personalised service where no job is ever too big or too small.

To discuss heating or plumbing work with our time-served heating engineers, call 020 8673 9944. Our company covers all parts of Putney.

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