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Boiler Servicing in Wandsworth | Value-Added Benefits for Central and Underfloor Heating

Flipping up the thermostat to turn on your central or underfloor heating might be little more than a distant memory in the summer months, but the summer is the best time to book in for boiler servicing. Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd is an established heating and plumbing company from Balham, with an in-house team of qualified plumbers and heating engineers providing services in the nearby Wandsworth area.

Boiler servicing features highly in our services, as does our aptitude for boiler repairs.

We know that you won’t have your boiler in mind when the temperatures outside are more comfortable and the sun is out, but plenty of home and business owners in Wandsworth switch on their central or underfloor heating come the colder months to find nothing works, and that the boiler doesn’t function. 

You can avoid this, and the need for boiler repairs in the autumn, by booking in for boiler servicing with our plumbers and registered Gas Safe heating engineers during the warmer summer season.

You should book in for a boiler service annually. Much like servicing a car, servicing a boiler keeps it safe, efficient and reliable for the year ahead. Annual maintenance also keeps other systems, such as central heating or underfloor heating, free from debris, and protects the manufacturer warranty.

Boiler servicing increases appliance lifespan so you won’t need to call our heating and plumbing company out to your Wandsworth home or business as often.

The Importance of a Safe, Functional Boiler

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a major risk because this toxic gas doesn’t have a colour, an odour or a taste. This means property owners could be in danger at any time if they don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted. Boiler servicing checks the combustion of your appliance to make sure it works safely and efficiently. This significantly reduces the potential risk of poisoning from carbon monoxide leaks.

Our plumbers and heating engineers can service boilers from all manufacturers, including Baxi, Vaillant and Vokera.

For elderly people in Wandsworth, for domestic properties with children, and for sensitive business environments like care homes, a functional boiler is a necessity. None of these environments can be without a working central or underfloor heating supply for long without there being a risk.

While we can perform boiler repairs in Wandsworth on a responsive basis, prevention is always better than cure and boiler servicing is a key reactive service.

Booking in for Boiler Servicing

You can call the plumbers and heating engineers at Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd on 020 8673 9944. While we recommend that you book in for boiler servicing during the summer, when the need for central or underfloor heating isn’t as important, we are here to help you maintain your appliance at any time of the year. As a dedicated heating and plumbing company, we are also here to provide you with any related gas or water-based services you need – throughout all four seasons.

And, if you need to book in for boiler repairs, we promise to be responsive to your call.

Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd has an excellent reputation in the Wandsworth area, one built on 30 years of combined experience and for always putting the customer first. With regular boiler servicing, you can eliminate the potential for breakdowns, protect your family or staff, increase the lifespan of the appliance and lower the cost of your annual utility bills.

To discuss boiler servicing or underfloor heating installations with time-served heating engineers, call 020 8673 9944. We cover all parts of Wandsworth.

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