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Boiler Servicing in Westminster | Buying Boilers for Central and Underfloor Heating

Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd is an established company of plumbers and heating engineers. Located in Balham, we cover all South, West and South West London areas, including Westminster. Our friendly, customer-focused business is well known locally for boiler servicing, boiler repairs and work on central or underfloor heating systems. 

What you might not know is that we are approved installers for Baxi, Vaillant and Vokera boilers.

With approved manufacturer status, our heating and plumbing company can offer an extended warranty on all installations in the Westminster area. But how do you know what to look for in a new boiler? Do you need to book in for domestic boiler servicing more often with today’s more complex appliances? Will choosing the wrong model lead to more frequent boiler repairs for your business? Can a new boiler work with a current central heating or underfloor heating installation?

Most importantly, is now the right time to buy a new boiler? 

This page, at the very least, should help you come to this particular decision. If you would like further advice on boiler installations, servicing or repairs in Westminster, call our plumbers and heating engineers on 020 8673 9944.


Condenser boilers last for around 15 years while older cast-iron models can last for up to 30 years. Certain maintenance procedures, like an annual boiler servicing from registered Gas Safe plumbers and heating engineers, can extend either of these lifespans significantly. Regular servicing for a boiler is like regular servicing for a car. With scheduled maintenance, breakdowns tend to happen much less frequently.

Sometimes, even if an appliance in your Westminster property still works, we might not be able to provide economical repairs, or we might not be able to find outdated parts.

In either event, a new boiler is your best option.

Energy Bills

Have you noticed that energy expenditure at your Westminster home or business keeps creeping up? This could have something to do with a boiler’s inefficiency. Sometimes, annual boiler servicing will keep a unit running efficiently but, if this doesn’t help, or if it only makes a difference temporarily, it might be more cost-effective to have a more economical boiler fitted by our heating and plumbing company. 

The amount saved can be significant! 

And, because our plumbers and heating engineers have experience in central and underfloor heating, we can help you to choose a boiler that’s not only perfect for your Westminster property, and at the perfect time, but which is also ideal for integration with other systems.

Gas and Carbon Monoxide Leaks

One issue that our Westminster customers should always be aware of is gas or carbon monoxide leaks. Booking in for boiler repairs is essential when talking about leaks. Small leaks are rarely serious enough to cause too much worry and we can deal with most of them quite easily. Frequent leaks, however, signal that a boiler is approaching the end of its repairable lifecycle. 

Major gas and carbon monoxide leaks are altogether more serious and need the attention of registered Gas Safe plumbers or heating engineers immediately. 

When leaks happen regularly, there’s little point in spending money on boiler servicing or repairs. A new installation is a much better investment.

Inconsistent Temperatures

If you find that room temperatures inside a Westminster home or business are too hot or too cold, your boiler, central heating or underfloor heating system might be dirty and need powerflushing, or there could be an issue with the thermostat. Both of these potential problems warrant a diagnostic check from our trained plumbers and heating engineers.

If you own an old boiler and need to have the heating system flushed more than once every 5 or 6 years, or different components replaced regularly, there’s little point spending out on boiler repairs. 

Any reputable heating and plumbing company will advise that a new installation will be the most cost-effective choice over the longer term.

Boiler Breakdowns

Boilers have a finite lifespan, even when well looked after with regular boiler servicing. It is best to replace any boiler that breaks down on a frequent basis. We often find ourselves attending Westminster properties where breakdowns happen regularly, and it sometimes takes us a while to convince the owner that a replacement is the best option.

Paying for repairs every few months is a false economy. 

Buy a new boiler, and have it fitted by our approved plumbers and heating engineers, and you could tie the work in with a central heating upgrade or an underfloor heating installation. Not only does this eliminate the constant cost of repairs, but it also makes your Westminster property more efficient to warm. 

This can return some of your investment in the form of cheaper utility bills.

To discuss boiler servicing or underfloor heating installations with time-served heating engineers, call 020 8673 9944. We cover all parts of Westminster.

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