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Plumbing Services and Boiler Repairs in Wimbledon | The Importance of Regular Servicing and Repairs for Commercial Boilers

As domestic and commercial gas engineers and plumbers with 30 years of combined experience, Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd works with a range of customers. Our services, from boiler servicing to boiler repairs, keep your business in the Balham and Wimbledon areas running smoothly and safely. We even provide underfloor heating repairs and installations as well as plumbing repairs and other plumbing services in our capacity as a plumbing company. Find out why regular maintenance is so important for your commercial boiler.

Your boiler is an essential part of your commercial property, keeping customers and staff warm, comfortable and happy. Consequently, you must make sure it is working properly. In addition, a well-maintained boiler offers maximum efficiency and safety – both key aspects of a professional business.

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Benefits of Boiler Servicing and Boiler Repairs

Our boiler servicing and repair services benefit your business in Wimbledon in various ways:

Energy Efficiency

Regular servicing from our Gas Safe heating engineers keeps your boiler running as efficiently as possible. This means you’re not wasting money and helps ensure your property is effectively heated. As well as preventing your boiler eating into your margins, this creates a comfortable space for employees, clients or customers.

While it is important to arrange an annual service, you should call our commercial gas engineers for a boiler inspection if you notice rising heating costs or if your property isn’t getting warm enough. We can carry out boiler repairs to resolve many issues, or we can even replace old or irreparable boilers.

In addition, our heating and plumbing company provides underfloor heating repairs for maximum efficiency and comfort. We can also undertake plumbing services, such as plumbing repairs, to ensure all elements of your system work together to maximise efficiency.


As a business owner, you have a responsibility to ensure your property is as safe as possible, and your boiler is a key aspect of this. Regular boiler servicing is the best way to keep your property safe because we identify any issues early and carry out repairs before they become dangerous.

Without regular maintenance, you put your employees and customers in Wimbledon at risk. Carbon monoxide poisoning is one if the most common problems with faulty boilers, and it can be deadly. As such, arranging periodic servicing with our commercial gas engineers helps you uphold your obligations and the safety of everyone who uses your commercial premises.

Furthermore, our plumbers offer plumbing services, including maintenance and repairs, for all areas of your plumbing system, minimising the risk of leaks, burst pipes and the hazards that come with them.

Good Business Sense

One of the main reasons to stay up to date with boiler servicing in Wimbledon is because it makes good business sense. Regular checks and minor boiler repairs give you peace of mind knowing that your heating system is running smoothly and safely and not wasting your money.

Furthermore, the other services our engineers and plumbers provide, such as underfloor heating repairs and plumbing repairs, keep all areas of your plumbing and heating systems in the best condition, making running your business as stress-free as possible.

As such, our heating and plumbing company allows you to focus on more important areas of your business because you don’t have to deal with the avoidable issues that come with improper maintenance.

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