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Renewable Energy Solutions from Your Local Plumber in Balham, Battersea & Clapham | Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact that they’re making, and looking to reduce their carbon footprint and consumption of finite resources wherever possible. An extremely effective way of accomplishing both of these goals is by looking to renewable energy sources. As a forward-thinking plumber and gas engineer, Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd helps clients in and around Balham, Basingstoke, Clapham and Dulwich to implement renewable energy into their lives.


On this page, we take a look at two different options that we specialise in – rainwater harvesting and solar thermal hot water. Should you have a question regarding the below information, or want to discuss your situation with a friendly member of our team – call 020 8673 9944 right away.

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Rainwater Harvesting


A huge amount of domestic water usage can be attributed to flushing toilets and washing clothes. By using natural rainwater for these tasks, and for watering your garden and plants, you can reduce your annual mains water consumption by half. The system involves burying a large, 3,000 litre tank within your back garden. Rainwater is then collected and heads through a filtration system into your tank. Then water is pumped back into your home via separate system to be used as and when you need it. An outside tap allows for you to fill watering cans or run a hose for general garden maintenance. Any extra water that the tank collects will be channelled away by your normal drainage system, ensuring it doesn’t overfill.


As well as reducing your consumption of mains water, which can be especially problematic during a drought, you’ll reduce carbon emissions. Did you know that 1% of all the UK’s annual greenhouse gas emissions are due to the energy it takes to treat and pump mains water? So why not take the plunge? Another advantage is that many in Balham, Basingstoke, Clapham and Dulwich receive “hard water”. This isn’t quite as good for washing clothes as “soft water”, which unprocessed rainwater is!

Solar Thermal Hot Water


These use heat from the sun to warm your water, for free! They can work in conjunction with traditional boiler installations, so that you can still receive satisfactorily hot water during the winter months when the sun takes its annual leave. Solar thermal hot water systems can significantly reduce both your annual heating bill and your carbon footprint. They’re an ideal investment for any green-minded property owner based in or around Balham, Basingstoke, Clapham or Dulwich.


There are a few limitations, however. You’ll need space either on your roof or a wall; around 5sq metres which face East to West through South is preferable. This will ensure that the panels/tubes that are installed will receive direct sunlight for the majority of the day. You’ll also need an extra solar cylinder installed, and to ensure that your current boiler is solar-compatible. If you’re unsure about yours, give us a call. We’ll quickly be able to ascertain whether a solar thermal hot water system will work with your boiler.


To see what experience we can offer when using Ecoheat Plumbing Ltd for everything from boiler repair and installation, to the implementation of the aforementioned renewable energy solutions, navigate to our boiler pages. We’re immensely proud of our reputation around Balham, Basingstoke, Clapham, Dulwich and wider London.

Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and minimise your annual bills with Ecoheat Plumbing’s renewable energy solutions. Call 020 8673 9944 today!

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images of renewable energy sources
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images of renewable energy sources
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images of renewable energy sources